yo whalecum 2 ma blog wipe ur nasty ass feet at the door

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Starting on August 11th I’ll have three months of absolutely zero income as my Wife, of whom I depend on financially, is going to be undergoing care and unable to work or receive any sort of monetary compensation for lost time. Meanwhile, living costs for keeping the house have gone up an additional $200/month and if we can’t pay it the house gets foreclosed and we have to find somewhere else to live, which wont be easy for four people, four animals and all of our personal belongings.

You can donate to my PayPal:


If you do just send a message to either ALittleBitArtistic or ALittleBitPessimistic saying how much you donated, or the Full First Name and Last Name Initial the money will be sent from (for tracking purposes) and a character or something you’d like me to draw for you and I’ll try to get that done as quickly as possible.

Drawings will range from flat-colored sketches to flat-colored linearts depending on what I have time for and what I can manage to draw through the stress of everything. (Examples below - Under the cut.)

(The pre-paid commissions take precedence and will be completed ASAP. Thank you for having patience during all of this and apologies for the wait.)

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alright so its been for fucking ever since ive done one of these greeting things and im probably missing like a fuckton of people but

hey im dave welcome to the lair blah blah thanks for following 

awaves a joy 2 meet anotha strida

in otter news

this weeks round o testin went a lot betta than the last



workin 4 you is bad 4 me but im still doin it aint i

its so hard 2 find good cigars these days



#diamond #lighters #trippynails #nailshop 🔥💎💕

my bae ✨💖💎y2kbae 4 Eva💎💖✨



#diamond #lighters #trippynails #nailshop 🔥💎💕

my bae ✨💖💎y2kbae 4 Eva💎💖✨



Oh right yeah
So far no word on his current status
Still as gone as ever

Right now we’re just workin’ on keepin’ his little gang together so everything doesn’t fall to pieces while he’s out
Otherwise we’d be wastin’ resources tryin’ to accomplish the impossible


you mean youve still barely got shit on his location
i aint tryin 2 tell you how 2 do yo job or nofin but
come on man
get yo head in the game here

and what kinda gang does he got dats not just stickin 2getha anyway